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… They defeated The Blackjacks (Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza) to win the belts and held them for over six months. They eventually dropped the title in a match against The Executioners (a team composed of Killer Kowalski and Big John Studd, who wore masks to hide their identities)... Big John Studd Vs The big bad heel, Big John Studd, easily destroys buff jobber Jerry Allen, who was also called "Jerry O." The jobber suffers nicely.NWA Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling house show footage late 70's early 80's featuring Blackjack Mulligan vs Big John Studd. Blackjack Mulligan - Wikipedia

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Big John Studd - Biography - IMDb John Minton, or Big John Studd as he would eventually be known, was born on February 19th, 1948, in Butler, Pennsylvania. He started training to be aLater, he moved to Jim Crockett's Mid Atlantic territory where he feuded with Greg Valentine and fellow giant Blackjack Mulligan (Bob Windham). Blackjack Mulligan | World News Mulligan, donning black trunks, black hat, black fingerless glove, and using the iron claw submission hold, was a carbon copy of AWA wrestler BlackjackPlot: WWF Title: Sycho Sid vs. The Undertaker, WWF Intercontinental Title: Rocky Miavia vs. The Sultan, WWF Tag Team Titles: Owen Hart & The... Big John Studd Infobox Wrestler name=Big John Studd names=Big John Studd Captain U.S.A Chuck O Connor Big John Studd. InfoboxWrestler name=BigJohnStudd. names=BigJohnStudd CaptainU.S.AOn May 25 , 1980 , Masked Superstar II was unmasked after a match with Blackjack Mulligan in Toronto .

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Blackjack Jr. helps poppa Mulligan after another tough bout vs Big John Studd. Sr. Mulligan and Studd had some tough battles here in the NWA days 1980-1982 with most ending up in bloodbaths. This one had Jr. coming in to help after Studd continued attacking Sr. after the bout was over. .

The Heenan Family - Wikipedia He went on to later manage The Blackjacks ( Lanza and Mulligan). Heenan led his members to many title reigns, including the AWA World Heavyweight Championship and the AWA World Tag Team Championship before leaving AWA in 1979 to join Georgia … The Big Event - Wikipedia In 2014, WWE Network made the same version of the event available on demand in the pay-per-view section (although the event was not originally broadcast via pay-per-view). Greensboro Coliseum: 1970-1979 Big John Studd in a Texas Bullrope match NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke Blackjack mulligan vs andre the giant - Casino hotel phoenix az

A brawl ensues between Blackjack Mulligan vs Bobby Duncum.From Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1980, an in-studio Blackjack Mulligan narrates over footage of a tag team bout he had with Masked Superstar against the team of ..., Maple Leaf Wrestling: Big John Studd vs. Blackjack mulligan Jr.

Big John Studd vs Blackjack Mulligan . Big John Studd vs Ricky Steamboat . Stan Hansen vs Tosh Togo, 1973 (This match, and the next several from 1973, make up a . basically complete episode of CWF TV with Gordon Solie on commentary! Stan Hansen . cleanly submits in this one!) Hiro Matsuda vs Tosh Togo, 1973 (Judo Jacket Match) BIG JOHN STUDD - YouTube Blackjack Mulligan vs Big John Studd by maskedsuperstarfan. 10:54. ... Big John Studd vs King Haku Wrestling Challenge May 7th, 1989 by Monsoon Classic. WWF Tournament Round 2? | Yahoo Answers Rick Steamboat vs. Bret Hart Iron Sheik vs Big John Studd Paul Orndorf vs Hulk Hogan One Man Gang vs Davey Boy Smith Randy Savage vs Jim Duggan Cowboy Bob Orton vs Dino Bravo Honky Tonk Man vs Hercules Hernandez Harley Race vs Jake Roberts Ron Bass vs Blackjack Mulligan Rick Martel vs Roddy Piper Haku vs Big Bossman Pedro Morales vs Ted Dibiase

The Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Reults and Card Archives -Lights out match: Blackjack Mulligan vs John Studd went to a double dq -Winner of a tournament gets a Cadillac (no result listed); participants included Greg Valentine, Ivan Koloff, Angelo Mosca, Blackjack Mulligan Jr, Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, Sgt Slaughter, and Wahoo McDaniel